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By May 26, 2015February 18th, 2020Blog, Logo & Branding
Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

Shop1847 is another brilliant program from the amazing folks at Community Matters in Cincinnati. It serves a dual purpose – to provide a quality, affordable store to the residents of Lower Price Hill, and to serve as a revenue generator for Community Matters’ programming. The shop will include a variety of used clothing, home goods, shoes, and personal items. Another amazing addition: a mending workshop! There will be needles, thread, sewing machines, etc. there so you can mend an item that just needs a little repair.

Our clients wanted this logo to be able to be used on price tags and shopping bags, as well as store signage. They wanted it to have a vintage look, befitting their mid-1800’s era renovated sanctuary. They also wanted it to look like a “real store”, not a basic thrift store, but not be so upscale that lower-income residents were afraid to shop there.