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Save Our Icons

By July 28, 2014Blog
Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

There is a lot of conversation recently about Cincinnati’s Music Hall and Union Terminal. These two amazing, iconic buildings are listed on the 2014 “11 Most Endangered List” by the National Register of Historic Places, and are in serious need of repair. Though they are both in use right now (Union Terminal hosts the Cincinnati Museum Center, and Music Hall is home to Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Cincinnati Opera, May Festival Chorus, and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra), their infrastructure is crumbling and they need help immediately. It is our fervent hope that a) Hamilton County will put the possibility of a tax increase to support this preservation on the ballot, and then b) that everyone will vote to tax themselves to preserve it. It’s astounding to us that NOT saving these buildings is even a question.

We designed Tshirts to commemorate both of them. “Music Hall Heritage T” (taken from the large center rose window) and “Union Terminal Heritage T” (showing the iconic building itself, which is also the home of the fictional SuperFriends) will be available at our booth in the Lumenocity Village in Cincinnati this weekend, and online after that. These two amazing buildings will receive a percentage of the profits from all our Heritage Collection sales for 2014.

We’d love to see you wearing one of these shirts to show your support!