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Relocated to Nashville

By January 23, 2015Blog

Back in July, we wrote a post about how we were going to expand our business to Nashville. We weren’t sure what it looked like, but we committed to visiting Nashville at least once a month, to get the feel of it and see what sort of office we wanted to have and what side of town we wanted to be on, and what all that looked like.

Turns out, it was kind of like potato chips. We couldn’t settle for just once a month, or twice a month — we needed to be in Nashville all the time. The creativity, the awesomeness that is just crackling in the air…we wanted to immerse ourselves in that, all the time. So we moved to East Nashville, back in November. Our home and studio needed a bunch of work so we’ve had our heads down trying to get all that accomplished. There is still a lot to be done, but we are finally at a place where we can get back to work.

We are changing it up a bit, though. In our Nashville incarnation, we are still going to be doing our brand design/client work (and current clients–you’ll still get the same attention and service that we’ve always given), but we are going to be giving a lot more focus to expanding our Heritage Collection — our own design work and products, and to Randy’s fine art. We are super excited to give some quality time to the things we’ve been itching to design and make for ourselves!