Once Blind Studios -East Nashville Graphic Design

In my opinion, hotel and resort branding tends to run with classic, conservative looks and colors so when I was presented this opportunity, I really wanted something that felt upscale yet had a classy feel of vintage Palm Springs or Las Vegas. This will get splashed on a variety of items as the brand grows.

Once Blind Studios -East Nashville Graphic Design

It’s important to explore various design solutions. I tried both the initial icon style as seen in column A and then more monogram style as illustrated in
column B.

One of the continual design challenges is to edit it down to its simplest form with out sacrificing readability when its small.

Initially, I didn’t present this branding option with an icon as the logo mark was already strong and stood well on its own whether it was large or small.

But when the client had asked why I hadn’t done one for this concept but had done them for the other two, I said, yeah, let me see what I can come up with.

I’m glad I did. The one that works best for either the stacked or landscape options is the split color in Column A.

I love the way it gently breaks the edge of the circle and uses both of the brand colors. And it can also stand on its own as a design element as needed.

Here are the business cards I also designed for them.

Once Blind Studios -East Nashville Graphic Design

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