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New and Improved: 50-50

By June 7, 2014July 17th, 2014Blog
Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

“New and Improved” is a series of posts on our own brand refresh: not our logo but our whole story. This is the second post.

Another thing we realized when we re-evaluated our business was that we weren’t being creative ourselves. Understand: we really love doing client work. It’s thrilling to us to be able to help a client with insights into who they are as a company, and be able to come up with solutions to their problems. We love seeing business profits increase dramatically because we made them look better and communicate themselves better. And because our clients are always doing such cool things, we feel blessed to be part of working with them.

But at the end of the day, it’s someone else’s problem that needs to be solved. We’re picking fonts and colors because they go along with the client’s vision, not our own. And sometimes it is fun to just do something because we would like to do it. So, we started our “Heritage Collection” of products a couple years ago. It was really more of a hobby than part of our business plan, we just had a few products and local businesses selling them. It was less than 1% of our business. But in the New and Improved Once Blind Studios, we are really ramping up the product side, and we’d like to someday get to 50% client work, 50% product design.

With our Heritage Collection, we are creating designs that we care about, that are part of our story, and things that we think are cool. We are passionate about history, preservation and craftspeople, and this is our salute to those things. Every item we design, photograph, craft or build is meant to evoke an appreciation for our heritage, and hopefully make you a little more passionate about preserving it.