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About Once Blind

If you landed here then you are curious about how
your current branding isn’t the best version of you.

Hello, my name is Randy Wilcox. When it comes to branding and design, I’m passionate about helping you craft the best vision of you and help you find
your brand voice so you can tell your story through thoughtful and intentional design.

You can read more about me at the bottom of this page.

What makes this important?

We all grow and change over time and its important that your brand does too. What I do is more than just design a logo mark or icon. It’s about working together, digging down to capture who you are, your story and defining or revisioning who your audience is and whatever else you feel your current brand is lacking. We’ll look at your competitors and how you stack up against them and together we’ll create a brand that sets you apart. It’s about defining and aligning your brands’ values and vision. When your brand is believable and trusted its also authentic and that’s what elevates you and sets you apart.

Next steps?

Once we’ve gone through the discovery/differentiation phases, its time to dive into the fun part – the creative phase. Your brand should reflect your personality. Together we will explore, colors, concepts, spaces and type styles to create the most authentic version of you and one that also reflects your brands goals. Once a design is approved, I’ll build out the necessary assets for print, digital and social media. Every client gets their assets as well as a style guide to help ensure brand consistency whether we do the work or you have a preferred vendor. You’d be surprised at how many companies don’t have this.

So what's the process?

Whether you want to build an authentic brand from scratch or do a refresh, the first thing we need is to gain clarity. In our consultations, I’ll guide you through discovering the ‘why’ behind it all, distilling what sets you apart and who your ideal clients are; setting the most authentic strategy for your brand.

Phase 1


During the discovery phase, I’ll be learning a lot about you, your work, and what matters the most to you.

We’ll dig deep to identify misaligned aspects of your current branding and define your core values.

This insight is key to creating a precise visual brand, capable of accurately communicating the mission of your business.

Our discussions and your responses to a creative brief will inspire a visual inspiration mood board that focuses on a specific design direction and serves as the foundation for your new brand voice and personality.

Phase 2


To gain a deeper knowledge of your business, I’ll dive into every aspect of your current branding, social media accounts as well as the feel and function of your website and where I think it should be.

I’ll draft a blueprint for your new brand direction and create an identity that embodies your intended messaging. Together we will create a tag line that states the purpose of your business, reinforced by an About statement that further defines your vision and positioning.

Your brand’s new signature look will filter through every piece I create for you from business cards and custom website graphics such as logos to patterns, textures, buttons, and social
media icons.

Phase 3


I believe that momentum is a key factor in developing and creating a strong brand presence. From initial dialogue through implementation of your new branding elements, typically spans approximately four to six weeks. When finished, you’ll have a clear visual brand identity represented in a new logo, supporting design elements, website graphics and a
simply stated brand message that is focused.

I always include a style guide that maps out your brand fonts, colors and alternate logo/icon elements so that any third party vendor has easy to use, industry standard files they can easily use.

My goal is that you come back and hire me again to help you build what ever other pieces that are missing like advertising, merch, posters….

Ready to dive in?

If you’re still curious, I’d love to chat and answer your questions. Simply drop me a line via the form below

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    Hello! My Name is Randy

    I’m the Creative Director here at Once Blind Studios.

    I started OBS in Los Angeles back in 2001 as a side venture for my freelance design clients and also as a way to highlight my fine art photography. I eventually left my corporate job at Easton Sports in early 2006 to pursue OBS full time with the vision and goal that every client should be able to have great branding and graphics.

    As the Creative Director, I’m in charge of every visual that goes out of the shop. With a degree in art and years of experience in design, photography and printing, my passion is in helping my clients find their brand voice and personality by creating custom tailored graphics through colors, fonts and textures.

    I believe that first impressions matter. I have strong opinions on how branding and packaging should be so here will be no Papyrus or comic sans fonts used in anything I create.

    I started my career in 1990 at the Cal State Northridge Foundation as Art Director. My team was in charge of all retail spaces on the campus, including the bookstore, food service and computer store.

    In 1993 I moved to Easton Sports where I stayed for more than a decade. While there, I developed their well-known “oval-diamond-e” logo, as well as product graphics for Spring and Fall sports. This included POP, branding and packaging for Little League, baseball, softball and hockey.

    When I’m not working on my  creative projects, you can find me out exploring and taking pictures along the back roads on my motorcycle. You can check out my fine art photography and mixed media work at