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By March 23, 2020April 17th, 2020Blog
Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

This piece was inspired by a post my riding buddy Billy Huse reposted on Facebook the other day.

“I have been feeling very caged in with isolation and social distancing, and my partner Joseph gave me a bear teaching:

When a bear goes in to hibernation, they do it for the health of their community and themselves. In the winter, food is scarce, hibernating allows other animals to have access to the limited resources. It slows the spread of disease and viruses among other animals during a season when immune systems are lowered, and energy is limited.

It is also a time of conserving health for the bear, a time for reflection… it is a time that allows you to renew, to undergo change, to honour your place in life and food cycles.

It is not a time for anxiety or fear. When it is time for hibernation, a bear can finally relax. All of the stress of finding food, territory, and a mate disappears. The bear believes that they have done enough and trust in themselves. They know this process is necessary and they will come out the other side renewed.”

Be the bear. Stay home. Rest.
Know you are doing this for something
much bigger than yourself.

Cheyanne Thomas from Facebook
March 19 at 11:33 AM

For all those who feel anxious and isolated during these challenging times with the COVID-19 outbreak, I wanted to create a poster design that echoed the spirit of what  Cheyanne wrote.

I also wanted to honor the Native American heritage with some styled graphics I had created.

The sooner we all stay home and inside as much as possible, the faster we can flat line this virus.

Here’s an alternate version I made for comparison.

Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

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