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Expanding to Nashville

By July 17, 2014July 21st, 2014Blog
Once Blind Studios - Nashville Graphic Design

A couple months ago, we started taking stock of our business — what we were doing right, what we were missing, and what changes we might need to make. One thing that really came out is how we need to be around creative inspiration. We need “keep the pond stocked,” so to speak. We remembered having that in Los Angeles, because the entire city’s industry and heritage is based on people being creative (rather than, say, industry).

There are so many amazing things that exist in downtown Cincinnati: stunning architecture, history everywhere you look, astounding museums, theaters, restaurants, parks — not to mention the opera and symphony — all within a 10-minute walk of our home office. But as amazing as it is, and as many creative types as there are, the life-blood of the city isn’t in creativity. However, there is a city not too far away (which has the added bonus of being closer to family for us): Nashville. It’s a city that is based on being creative, and you don’t have to be a musician to benefit from the vibe. And we need to be part of it.

So–we aren’t exactly sure what this looks like, but for now it means being in Nashville once a month. We need to determine where we want our office to be, get more involved in the community, and just get the general feel of the area. An amazing opportunity came up to sponsor Creative Mornings Nashville this month (when we found out the theme was “Heritage” we took it as a sign, and when we found out that Hatch Show Print would be speaking, we jumped at the chance!) We love exploring, and we are really looking forward getting to know the city and the creative community (as well as meeting some potential clients and vendors). If you are in Nashville–get in touch with us so we can stop by next time we are in town!

PS–if you’d like to read about our some of our insights, there is a series of posts on the process: here’s the first one, and the second, and the third. Also, if you’d like help doing something similar, you should really contact Andy Chirch over at Prolificate, because he is amazing.