About Once Blind Studios

Once Blind Studios is Randy and Leisa Wilcox, and technically, we are a “boutique graphic design studio” (“boutique” is a fancy way of saying “it’s just the two of us, and we’re going to keep it that way”). But that’s just part of it. What we really are is stylists, storytellers, and makers.

Our focus is in these areas: Client Work, Products, Design Tools, and Fine Art.

LR_soapbox_v2Once Blind Studios started in 2001 in Los Angeles as Randy’s freelancing design work, and also to highlight his photography. Leisa got involved after their marriage in 2004, and by 2006 they had both left their other jobs and were full-time with OBS. Since the work can really be done anywhere there is an internet connection, and because they enjoy exploring and trying new things, they’ve had offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Cincinnati…and currently, Nashville.

Randy is the Creative Director, in charge of every visual that comes out of our shop. With a degree in art and years of experience in design, photography and printing, he gets excited (maybe borderline freakish) about colors, fonts and textures. All this, and he is an artist as well! (See his fine art photography and mixed media work at krandallwilcox.com).

Randy began his career in 1990 at the Cal State Northridge Foundation as Art Director. His team was in charge of all retail spaces on the campus, including the bookstore, food service and computer store. In 1993 he moved to Easton Sports where he would stay for more than a decade. While there, he developed their well-known “oval-diamond-e” logo, as well as product graphics for Spring and Fall sports. This included POP, branding and packaging for Little League, baseball, softball and hockey. He began Once Blind Studios as a side project in 2001, which soon grew into a full-time business.

Leisa is the Brand Director and leads the initial “brand coaching”, the work we do to help draw out the essence of your brand. She is also in charge of project management and client communication, copywriting and pretty much anything administrative, so Randy can focus on being creative.

Leisa began her Marketing career in 1989 at Auburn University, and soon moved to the University of the Nations in Hawaii, where as Director of Corporate Communications she helped develop their corporate identity and marketing materials. After 10 years in higher education, she moved to Los Angeles to join the entertainment industry. At Sony Pictures Television she worked on 11 television shows and multiple pilots for syndication. She moved to Paramount Pictures in 2003, as Associate Producer on The Dr. Phil Show. Most recently, Leisa spent two years managing projects in the Marketing Department of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, including the annual Primetime Emmy® Awards campaign. Throughout the year, she had a key role in managing all usages of the Television Academy and the Emmy brand.


Grace and Maddie are rescue dogs and important members of our creative team. They are in charge of security, company morale, and varmint-chasing.










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