Once Blind Studios: Designers – Makers – Storytellers

We are a graphic design studio passionate about telling stories. For our clients, we do “brand design”: ask questions, help define goals, research, and develop visuals and content as well as communication guidelines. For our own products, we try to honor heritage and craftsmanship through design, photography, and whatever else we feel like trying.

Brand Development / Design

Think of us like a stylist for your business or product. We work with you to identify your story and define what sets you apart, then develop a logo and overall brand identity that represents you visually, and create content to communicate your message consistently.

Heritage Collection / Products

Our Heritage Collection consists of products we make because we like them, things that we want to have or create. It is inspired by history, by architecture and craftsmanship in an era when artisans made beautiful things with special details that were built to last.